Stand, The

Stephen King


Reviewed: 2018-07-18
By my reckoning, this is Big Steve's best-realized tale, ever. I liked the original version, but the expanded, uncut edition is so much better, the two don't even compare. This is a big, hefty doorstop of a book that you'll only want to put down to rest your arms, quite possibly the ultimate apocalyptic epic and containing one of the best "villains" ever conceived, and one who pops up in King's work from time to time, Randall Flagg. What more could I say besides, enjoy.
Reviewed: 2016-06-24
This has always been one of my favorite books. There's just so much to it... so many characters that I love, so much uncertainty and fear and hope. I don't think that I'll really be able to do it justice in my review, so this will just be a quickie.

This is one of my comfort books. The characters are like family to me, and I feel like I know them all as well as I know myself. There is something magical in the way that King writes that allows his characters to just step right off the page and into reality. He creates these 3D characters that are identifiable and understandable, even when they do the most awful things.

There's a lot of commentary in this book. About technology, society, group-think, individuality and choice, religion and faith, and of course, the biggie: good vs evil. There's a lot to think about if one is inclined - or one can just enjoy the story for the story.

I could say a lot more, but it all boils down to this: I love this book.

If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for?
Reviewed: 2016-05-06
Loved it when I first read it and it's still my favorite.
It's amazing how, ten or twelve years I last read it, I've picked this up and it's sucked me back in --and I think with even more force. Beautiful, exciting prose, well-rounded and extremely real characters, flawed "heroes", a damn funny villain (even though also quite terrifying)... King has never been better (yes, Mr. King, I'm sorry, although I am yet to read THE DOME). What an epic.


Es increíble cómo, diez o doce años desde que lo leí la última vez, agarré THE STAND de nuevo y me ha vuelto a chupar --esta vez con más fuerza. Prosa emocionante y hermosa, personajes bien definidos y extremadamente reales, "héroes" que no son perfectos, un villano realmente cómico (aunque también es aterrorizante)... King nunca ha estado meor. (Sí, lo siento, sr. King, aunque aún no he leído DOMO). Vaya una épica.
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