Vi Keeland


Reviewed: 2020-11-29

*** TRIGGER WARNING: bi-polar disorder, manic depressive syndrome (brought on by giving birth), drowning a child, and Alzheimer disease. ***


While I did enjoy this book, it was by no means perfect and could've been so much better. I found myself laughing out loud several times in the beginning at dialogue that was said by our two main characters. I found the characters overall to be likeable. The plot point was believable and the pacing moved pretty well. I didn't find that it lagged too badly.  I would have been delighted to give this a four star review, however there was something that I just couldn't get past which is preventing that four star review. One of the main reasons the rating was brought down was due to some of the dirty dialogue that this author gave to our male lead, Grant Lexington, was just childish and perverted. It took me out of the moment a lot of the time and I found myself not enjoying the smutty scenes as I feel that I should have. I think that this author has good writing skills in general and I like how she formulates her characters. I am interested in checking out more of her books and I would recommend this one.

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