Freedom (TM)

Daniel Suarez
In his phenomenal debut, Daemon, Daniel Suarez introduced a terrifying vision of an unstoppable computer program unleashed on our world bu a hi-tech wunderkind. But now, our world is Daemon's world- unless someone stops the program once and for all...


Reviewed: 2018-06-03
A good ending to a good series.
Reviewed: 2014-09-07

Freedomâ„¢ was a better read than Daemon and very entertaining but as a whole it was worse than its predecessor. There was quite a lot of torture, decapitation, dismemberment, and so on in this book. There was pretty little plot advancement and there were quite a few pages dedicated to the introduction of characters you never see again. The end was pretty bad as well, at least as far as the Major is concerned. A lot of the plot development in the book is shamelessly copied from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

I really liked the concept of D-Space and I liked the scary future Suarez painted for mankind. I totally enjoyed how the holons popped up and what the people were trying to achieve there.

It feels like Suarez tried too hard, tried to put too many things in there. It's almost like a course correction which had to be corrected again and things got more and more out of control. I totally enjoyed the book but some parts suffer from trying too hard and being repetitive.

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