50 Creative Training Openers and Energizers

Bob Pike, Lynn Solem
Open your next training session with a BANG!One of the hardest tasks you'll face as a trainer is pullingparticipants' thoughts away their daily duties long enough toengage them in your training. According to training master BobPike, two of the most important learning concepts are "primacy" and"recency." People don't remember middles; they remember beginnings("primacy") and ends ("recency"). That's why, if you want yourtraining to be a success, you have to gain their attention as soonas they walk in the door.Following up on the success of 50 Creative Training Closers, themost trusted and recognized names in training bring you 50 CreativeTraining Openers and Energizers. These lively, interactive sessionopeners, ice breakers, and attention grabbers are what you need toinspire continued application, learning, and skill development. Andyou don't have to be a professional trainer to use thiscollection--business presenters and educators of all kinds canimmediately incorporate these creative designs into their work.


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