About the Seasons (We Both Read, Level 1)

Sindy McKay
Introducing the easiest and most enjoyable way for parents to encourage their children to read! Recently selected among the Most Outstanding Children's Books of 1998 by the Parent Council and one of the 100 Best Children's Products of 1998, We Both Read is the firs series of books to invite parents and children to share the reading of a book by taking turns reading aloud. Parents read the more sophisticated text on the left-hand pages and the children read the right-hand pages, which have been written at one of three early reading levels. Developed with reading education specialists, this delightful new series brings parents and children together for a wonderful new reading experience and faster reading development! About this Book: Wonderful photographs bring the seasons to life in this newest non-fiction addition to the We Both Read series. This book explores the seasons through the changing weather patterns and the changing activities of both children and animals. There is a brief description of why the earth has four seasons, but most of the book is devoted to the delightful changes that each season brings into our life and the lives around us.


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