Only a mother could love him: how I lived with and triumphed over ADHD

Ben Polis attended six different schools, served (he estimates) over 3,000 hours of detention, and drove his entire family into counselling. But against the odds, with a combination of self-taught concentration techniques and sheer determination, he made it through the education system to university. This is his triumphant story – and a remarkable look inside the mind of a person with ADHD. From his unique perspective, Ben describes what it’s really like to feel those constant inexplicable impulses, to get all that medication, to desperately want to be ‘normal. Ben’s inspiring, frank and often funny account will enlighten every parent who’s ever despaired of their seemingly uncontrollable child; every teacher who’s ever vented frustration at a student who just won’t pay attention; every kid who has ever wondered ‘Why does everyone hate me?’ and indeed anyone who wants to understand the world of an ADHD child.


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