ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong)

Bob Ong
I remember I was depressed when I was reading this... I felt back then that everything wasn't working for me. So I went to the bookstore and looked for a book that could possibly make me laugh. I chose this book because it was the book that most of my classmates have already read and enjoyed. After reading a few pages, I find his anecdotes and descriptions amusing. I was pausing to laugh at each page. I can relate to him and it made me feel good. I think every Filipino middle-class will find familiarity to Bob Ong's books. Anyway, I never thought I would also find it inspiring. Bob Ong was criticizing our society, but in a satirical manner. You laugh while thinking, "Yes, happened to me as well." But in the back of your mind, you thought that, "it was so wrong." There are so many things we can learn from this book, which I think every Filipino must read. It influenced my perspective of how I look at life, education, happiness, success and my country.


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