Horse boy: the true story of a father's miraculous journey to heal his son, The

Isaacson's journey to heal his son is just that, a healing, not a cure. But he wouldn't want it any other way. While the author's purpose was to draw Rowan out of his autism, he came to realize the overlooked gifts it entails. The Horse Boy will leave readers with a new appreciation for autism and the healing techniques of other cultures; like Rowan, they, too, will be changed forever.


Reviewed: 2015-02-19


I found this book to have a sense of enchantment and mysticism. The journey to and through Mongolia is one of a forgotten age and people. In particular the Shamans who conjure a powerful image. This I found at times, the rituals and blind faith, hard to accept. The father, Rupert, almost steals centre stage from his autistic son Rowan, but the experiences of the journey both physical and mental did impress me. The courage of all concerned can only be admired.

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