Where the Waters Turn Black

Benedict Patrick
When gods and monsters battle, her music will not protect her... The Crescent Atoll is a remote string of tropical islands, connected by long canoe journeys and a love of stories. When Kaimana, a young ocarina player, discovers the lair of a taniwha - a legendary monster - she finds herself inspired. The song she is composing about their encounter will be her masterpiece, but her disturbance of the beast attracts the ruining gaze of the god of war. She must convince the taniwha to trust her if they are both to survive. Where the Waters Turn Black is a standalone novel from Benedict Patrick's Yarnsworld series. Inspired by the myths and legends of South Pacific island cultures, this book is perfect for those seeking fantasy stories with a hint of the unfamiliar. Start reading today to discover this epic tale of friendship, gods and monsters!


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