Crash Course in Storytelling

Kendall Haven, Mary Gay Ducey
Storytelling can be easy, fun, and above all doable, especially with the simple, easy-to-follow directions given by these two master storytellers. This book provides everything you need to become a master storyteller yourself. Simple examples and summary directions for exercises and games reinforce and demonstrate key concepts. Step-by-step plans help you choose a story, and learn it in preparation for presentation to an audience. Audience management, practice activities, and the authors' motivation exercises are offered as are techniques to guide you through any of the possible major telling problems. Storytelling extras (props to puppets including costumes) and lists of grade-appropriate, time- and teller-tested stories are provided.This basic guide by experienced storytellers provides all that is needed to encourage any novice storyteller to take the plunge. Lists of never-fail stories and simple techniques for managing an audience go a long way to dissolve the angst. Practice activities and motivation exercises as well as tips for overcoming the major problems and catastrophes that might be encountered pave the way for a smooth first storytelling experience.


Reviewed: 2019-01-27

This book has some great insight on storytelling, but don't take what it says about cultural appropriation. 

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