Ancient Coin Collecting III: The Roman World - Politics and Propaganda (No. 3)

Wayne Sayles
Explore one of the world's mightiest empires, tracing a path of more than 700 years of expansion and upheaval, political intrigue and treachery, cultural enlightenment and decadence - all through that empire's fascinating coins.&break;&break;Ancient Coin Collecting III: The Roman World - Politics and Propaganda, traces Roman coins from the empire's origins in the third century B.C. to its final days in the fifth century A.D. This volume - the third in an acclaimed series - follows its predecessors by expanding the road map to collecting these intriguing coins. You'll learn to attribute individual specimens while also gaining valuable insight into a civilization that used its extensive coinage for disseminating political propaganda.&break;&break;Author Wayne G. Sayles shares three decades of collecting experience and a passion for ancient coins that inspires both beginners and experts alike. Collectors will treasure:&break;&break;More than 300 illustrations, allowing coin identification with confidence&break;&break;A comprehensive portrait gallery of Roman emperors depicted on coins&break;&break;Special-interest sections devoted to architecture, astrology, mythology and more&break;&break;Thorough bibliography, glossary and index, making this a powerful desktop reference tool&break;&break;Take a journey through time and discover an exciting hobby with Ancient Coin Collecting III: The Roman World - Politics and Propaganda.


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