My Up & Down & All Around Book

Marjorie Pitzer M.Ed.
Where is up, where is down? Are you in your house or out? Is your friend standing in front of the tree or behind it? These are just a few phrases that MY UP & DOWN & ALL AROUND BOOK inspires. Playful, color photographs by Marjorie Pitzer in the style of her popular I CAN, CAN YOU? board book help introduce many of the most frequently used prepositions--words that tell something about location or time. Children with Down syndrome who typically experience speech and language delays can take longer to master the use of prepositions than their peers. Kids up to age six will love this little book, and so will their parents who know that it offers fun and practice! Page spreads feature opposites--Before and After; Above and Below, for example--and corresponding pictures of toddlers and preschoolers with Down syndrome illustrate the concept behind the words. At the end of the book, a section written by Libby Kumin, speech-language pathologist and author, provides parents, teachers, and therapists with tips on how to expand their child's language skills, using the words in sentences, and tailoring the book to a particular child's needs. Take this sturdy board book to school, to the park, or in the car. Families and classmates will have hours of fun reading the book aloud and thinking up phrases that use these key words... Did you ride your bike before lunch or after? Is my hat on or off? Are you sitting next to your buddy or in between two friends? Also by Marjorie Pitzer: I Like Berries, Do You?


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