Art of Steven Universe: The Movie, The

Cartoon Network
DATE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Go behind the scenes of Cartoon Network's highly anticipated film with this unique art book! This magical deep-dive into Steven Universe The Movie is designed by Ryan Sands (Frontier) in conjunction with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar! See preliminary character designs, witness the formation of settings and storyboards, and discover the art that shaped the full-length movie! It's a new kind of artistic adventure with with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and--of course--Steven.


Reviewed: 2021-01-23
Really awesome book for the fans, my only problem was not seeing a lot of concept art/storyboards/etc for characters other than Steven & Spinel. Still, a high-quality book and Sugar's art style is something to behold, but dang a lot of the others were left in the dust here. ( Spinel in the garden...) ;)
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