Dark Tide

Alicia Jasinska
After offering herself to save her brother Finley and secret crush Tomas from capture by Caldella's Witch Queen, Lina Kirk and the witch soon face a terrible choice.


Reviewed: 2020-09-15

I've been looking forward to this book for a while, and I'm happy to say that I enjoyed it! I really liked the main character Lina and I thought the journey she went through in the book was a strong one. My one downside was that the book was too short. It was just over 300 pages, which is generally considered the limit for YA fantasy, especially debuts. Despite that, I felt like the book needed more pages for stronger world building. Right now, the world building is pretty sparse, though I got the sense that it's set in some either far future or fantasy version of Venice. I wish more YA fantasy was given the space to breathe in its world like adult fantasy is. Luckily! It looks like there is a sequel set to come out! I'm hoping the sequel will both continue this good story - which is left at not quite a cliffhanger, but not fully resolved either - and give the reader more information about the world Lina lives in.

I also really liked the character of Eva. We get the occasional chapter from her POV, and I think those especially really informed who she was. To an extent, I felt like she also didn't get quite enough room in the story due to length. It doesn't help that Lina hates Eva for much of the book, so what we learn about Eva is pretty biased through a lens of 'I hate the evil witch lady'.

In short, I want more words! And I want more because what we got was good, but even more would be better! My requests for book two are: more Eva, more world building, and lots more girls kissing please and thank you.

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