Poetry Plastique

Jay Sanders (Editor), Charles Bernstein (Editor), Marianne Boesky Gallery Staff (Contribution by)
Accompanying a unique exhibition at the respected Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York, this book is a remarkable combination of the work of poets and artists, that explores in new ways the relationship between the visual and the verbal. In his preface, Charles Bernstein writes: "Not words and pictures but poems as visual objects. Not poems about pictures but pictures that are poems. Not works closed in a book but hanging on a wall or suspended from the ceiling or rising from the floor or sounding from inside a figure or embedded with paint on a canvas or written in the sky or flickering on a screen." Co-curator Jay Sanders explains in his introduction: "We had a gallery and we wanted to flood it with poetry. Not with "poetic" artwork, but with actual poetry, made by poets. But, we have gallery walls, not pages in a book. So we organized a show of art overrun with poetry and a show of poetry riddled with art."


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