Cornelia Funke
A Boy. A Dragon. A Quest.Firedrake, Ben,and their furry friend, Sorrel, are in search of the mythical place where dragons can live in peace forever. Together they embark on a journey that takes them to magical lands where they meet marvelous creatures-and one ruthless villian. Along the way, they will discover allies in odd plalces, courage they did't know they had and a hidden destiny that changes everything.


Reviewed: 2016-09-18

Dragon Rider by Kinthup

  It is about a dragon name fire drake, a brownie and a lost boy name Ben. They go for a journey in the search for the home of the dragons. In their journey they meet different friends and discovered secret place in the world. But there is a monster who had waited for a long period of time waiting for the dragons to be destroyed..
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