Voodoo Shanghai

Kristi Charish
The third and final installment in Kristi Charish's thrilling urban fantasy series finds beloved heroine and voodoo practitioner Kincaid Strange shanghaied away from Seattle and pursuing the ghost of a serial killer in Portland. Just when Kincaid Strange thinks her life is back on track and she's finally put her time as a paranormal practitioner with the Seattle PD to rest, her ex (and Seattle cop) Aaron asks her for help with yet another strange and ominous case. Martin Dane, the White Picket Fence Serial Killer who terrorized West Coast families living the suburban American dream, appears to be back at it with a fresh murder in Portland. There's only one problem: Dane has been dead for three weeks.      Kincaid can't resist a paranormal mystery. Despite her misgivings, she agrees to examine the Portland crime scene. What she discovers is a place of supernatural power unlike anywhere she's ever been--and the reason Aaron had been so tight-lipped about the case details. There's already a voodoo practitioner on the scene: Liam Sinclair, a TV celebrity of questionable talent and dubious intent.      Kincaid wants nothing more than to finish the job and retreat to Seattle, but the deeper she looks, the less the murder adds up. When she uncovers a much more sinister mystery--missing ghosts, scores of them, whom no one is looking for--there's no turning back.    


Reviewed: 2020-03-25



No way can this be a series end.  Okay, not exactly a cliffhanger ending.  But absolutely the start of a whole new plot twist.


This one resolved nothing and did not move story along at all.  Okay, Kincaid learned a bit of a new twist to her powers.  New characters introduced (including a potential love interest assuming she really has moved on from last beau).  Change of scenery.


This is almost like a filler episode or a bit of travel before returning to "meanwhile back at the ranch."


This series tweaked my interest because was not same-old-same-old and seemed to be building nicely.  Now it detoured and seems to have put her back in same place as end of book 2 with that head police dude even madder at her.  The end?

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