After School Nightmare Volume 2

Mashiro's still getting used to the nightmarish class he must attend every week, but the confusion and frustration over his whole body only spurs him on to overcome his weaknesses. This turmoil of emotion isn't helping his relationship with the unstable Kureha... especially when Sou is advancing on him more than ever. With the event of the first graduate of the class, the goal of the class seems startlingly simple... but just what lurks behind those heavy doors and should the students be so willing to find out?


Reviewed: 2020-10-27

For vol 1-10

This was a real wild ride. What genre is it? What gender is anyone? It really goes hard into gender issues and has very dark themes. I applaud its willingness to explore tough topics and the art, but it's hard to stomach some of the scenarios and the conclusions.

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