13 Original Clan Mothers, The

Jamie Sams
The sacred path to discovering the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine is through the ancient teachings of the sisterhood. Written by the author of "Sacred Path Cards", this practical guide to self-knowledge reveals the mysteries of an ancient feminine oral tradition. Jamie Sams records Native-American traditions passed on to her by two Kiowa grandmothers, and provides a tool that any woman can use to bring ancient feminine wisdom into daily life. Sams shows readers how to discover and cultivate their innate power through the teachings of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers. Each clan mother represents a particular teaching. Each relates to a cycle of the moon and has special totems, talents and gifts. Readers learn how to find their birth clan mother, develop their personal talents and teach the truths of women's medicine. Jamie Sams is the author of "The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachers".


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