Art & Archaeology of the Greek World: A New History, c. 2500 - c. 150 BCE

Richard T. Neer
HardCover Pub Date: 2012 Pages: 400 in Publisher: Thames & Hudson This richly illustrated. the authoritative and the accessible book presents a fresh way of looking at withancient Greek art and archeology. combining a clear chronological narrative with a lively account of art and material culture and emphasizing the cosmopolitan character of the entire Greek world over two thousand years. Through up-to-date and balanced coverage that integrates the archaeological evidence into its oader historical. cultural and social context. Richard Neer suggests new ways of thinking about fundamental subjects. such as the relationship between art and politics and the evolution of style. Recent discoveries are included. such as an astonishing Minoan-style bull-leaping fresco from Egypt; a spectacular marble sarcophagus from northwest Anatolia; and. a onze statue of an athlete found in the ...


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