Asperger syndrome and employment (Adults speak out about Asperger syndrome series)

EDMONDS, Genevieve and BEARDON, Luke [eds.]
Employment is an important part of a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life but less than 20 per cent of people with Asperger syndrome (AS) are in work at any one time. The adults with AS in this book explore the issues surrounding employment, providing advice and insights for others with AS, as well as their employers and colleagues. Drawing on personal experience and lessons learned, ‘Asperger syndrome and employment’ looks at: the transition from education to employment; the importance of matching skills to career choices; practical coping strategies for employees with AS in the workplace; advice for employers, including the need to make 'reasonable adjustments' to avoid discrimination; and, ways in which employment services ought to work for people with AS. This is essential reading for adults with AS, their family and friends, employment services and career advisers, and companies needing to know how, in practical terms, to accommodate employees with AS.


Reviewed: 2018-08-23


Gave some explanation of why things have been a struggle in the past! Sad in parts, but also a lot of constructive advice and explanations about how to approach ‘the work thing’ feeling fore-warned and fore-armed. Particularly useful are ideas about how to tell people (employers, etc) what you may struggle with, and how they can accommodate and support you. 

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