Picture the progress: drawings of positive student behavior for behavior cards, discussion cards and rule charts when visual communication is needed

STREET, Annabelle and CATTOCHE, Robert
Many elementary school children have difficulty responding appropriately to verbal directions and instructions. For these children the use of visual aids is essential in gaining their understanding and cooperation. ‘Picture the progress’ provides drawings of students engaging in appropriate behaviour within a variety of school settings and activities. The settings include the classroom, hallway, library, lunchroom and bus – along with PE and music. Appropriate classroom work behaviour, positive social interaction and general rule following are depicted. Using the drawings provided, teachers and others can clearly communicate to students, expectations for desired behaviours. The drawings in themselves do not dictate a particular approach or philosophy in working with children – they simply facilitate communication. The drawings are particularly useful in working with younger children who are not yet reading well and with other children having a variety of special needs. Children with emotional and behaviour problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, language impairment, autism, or mental health problems will all benefit from visual statements of what is expected in the classroom and other school settings.


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