Hyenas [VHS]

Djibril Diop Mambety
Dramaan Drameh (Mansour Diof) is a respected, convivial shopkeeper in the tiny village of Colobane. But a forgotten act of cruelty committed thirty years in his past comes back to haunt him when the young girl he impregnated and abandoned returns seeking revenge. Now a weary, calculating millioniress, Lingu+¨re Ramatou (Ami Diakhate) offers the citizens of Colobane her riches in exchange for just one thing: the life of the man who betrayed her. Dramaan's neighbors at first scoff at Lingere's gruesome offer but -- dazzled by the televisions, cigarettes and refrigerators Linguere's money can buy -- they begin to consider their allegiance to Colobane's once beloved merchant...and the"reign of the hyenas" begins.


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