I, The Worst of All (Yo, la Peor de Todas)

MarĂ­a Luisa Bemberg
Set in a magnificent recreation of 17th Century Mexico and based on a true story, I, THE WORST OF ALL is the portrait of a brilliant and beautiful poet, Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz (Assumpta Serna), who enters the convent to pursue her love of writing and goes on to gain international renown as one of the best poets in the Golden Age of Spanish poetry. However, this is the height of the Inquisition and her intellectual prowess soon leads to clashes with the Archbishop of Mexico (Lautaro Murua). Sister Juana is protected only by the beautiful new Vicereine (Dominique Sanda), who befriends and shelters Sister Juana, while simultaneously becoming her erotic muse. The very existence of their friendship flouts convention, but as long as the Viceroy's tour of duty lasts, Sister Juana is safe. Based on the book "The Traps of Faith" by Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz, I THE WORST OF ALL is considered director Maria Luisa Bemberg's feminist masterpiece and was her last film.


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