Gardening with Children

Beth Richardson
Involving children in gardening activities can be rewarding for both the adults and the children. This splendid, full-color book is devoted to creating an adult-centered garden that includes and celebrates children's efforts in the garden. Beth Richardson offers innovative and creative ways to start a family garden in which children can work and dream and feel accomplished -- and have some fun, too. Her approach is aimed at having children help without allowing them to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility for a whole garden. This book will help parents as they instruct their children on the basic processes that support life. The projects are accessible and fun for today's busy families.-- For anyone who enjoys parenting and gardening.-- A practical guide to family gardening.-- Projects and recipes take children's tastes into consideration without sacrificing the food and design preferences of adults.-- Introduces children to many cultures through food.-- Includes theme gardens for those interested in gardening on a smaller scale.


Reviewed: 2020-11-30

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