Advanced Imagineering

Diane Nijs (Editor)
The most pressing problems facing society today, such as enhancing healthcare, revitalizing cities, and improving our systems and institutions are complex innovation eco-systems. Articulating and illustrating how experience design can unlock experience innovation, Diane Nijs and her colleagues present new ways of effectuating corporate, public, social and whole system innovation through collective creation. This ground-breaking book makes several contributions to the fields of innovation and design thinking by taking complexity science as its point of reference. It shows how two complementary types of science - a Newtonian equilibrium science of forces and a complexity science of simple rules - lead to two types of innovation policy and two complementary types of design thinking. By enhancing conventional design thinking with the systemic design approach of imagineering, this book offers readers a fresh perspective on innovation in times of growing complexity.This is a highly provocative book for scholars, practitioners and students in the field of change and innovation. It will also prove to be a useful tool for design thinking in management systems.


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