All About America: Wagon Trains and Settlers

Ellen H. Todras
About the SeriesAction-packed and meticulously researched, with specially-commissioned illustration, detailed reconstructions and original artwork from each period, reading lists, and resources for further study, this series is an immersive introduction to the history that shaped America. All About America: Wagon Trains and Settlers by Ellen H. TodrasWith today's the coast-to-coast connectivity, it is hard for young readers to imagine exactly how difficult and dangerous it was to set out by wagon to settle the West during the great migration of the 1800's. Using original photographs and archival material from the period, along with dynamic illustration and imaginative, historically accurate writing, this book explains the experiences, difficulties, and dangers faced by those early settlers. From daily life on the wagon train, to resupplying at forts, confrontations with Indians, treacherous mountain crossings, and constant struggle, this book gives contemporary readers a glimpse of the enormous challenges of America's Westward Expansion. At the back a complete timeline, glossary, and resources for further exploration will help young readers take their learning beyond the book as they imagine what life was like for those first settlers.


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