Billboard Book of Top 40 R and B and Hip-Hop Hits, The

Joel Whitburn
Back in the days of Louis Jordan and Bullmoose Jacksonand His Buffalo Bearcats, swing, and World War II, Billboard magazine started keeping tabs on the best-sellers in recordstores in New York City’s Harlem. That Harlem Hit Paradechart of 1942, the starting point of this book, was Billboard’sfirst accounting of the growing interest in the music thatwould come to be known as R&B. Today, more than sixtyyears later, Billboard is proud to present the first edition ofThe Billboard Book of Top 40 R&B and Hip-Hop Hits, packedwith complete, authoritative chart informationon the most popular songs and artists,including everyone from the Nat KingCole Trio to Ray Charles to Mary J.Blige to Jay-Z. Great for music fans,record collectors, industry professionals,and trivia lovers, this bookwill answer questions, resolve arguments,and inspire new ideas.• Capitalizes on one of W-G’s top-sellingtitles, The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits—more than 50,000 copies sold of the 7thedition!• Complete history of Top 40 R&B andhip-hop hits, covering 62 years• 300 pictures of top recording artists• Author Joel Whitburn is the leadingauthority on charted music


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