Revealing Word: A Dictionary of Metaphysical Terms (Charles Fillmore Reference Library), The

Charles Fillmore
The Revealing Word is a volume in Charles Fillmore Reference Library that will help you bring the Bible to life. This reference work is a metaphysical dictionary of common names found in the Bible, as well as words and phrases that are frequently used in Unity and New Thought teachings. The Revealing Word will help you find inner meaning for words in a way that will bring new depth of understanding and awareness to your daily life.This book complements Charles Fillmore's much larger work, Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, which presents the meanings of scriptural proper names as well as places found in the Bible. These two unique books are the foundation of Charles Fillmore's inspired thinking and teaching.The Unity movement was founded in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Unity successfully incorporates traditional Christian religion with metaphysical principles, for example, the use of the law of cause and effect and affirmation to bring about change in our lives and to bring us closer to God.


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