Princess Trials, The

Cordelia K. Castel
Thirty young women. A handsome prince. A battle to the death Water is scarce. Deserts have taken over the land. Nuclear war has devastated humanity. Humans live in walled super cities to keep out the irradiated. The land that was formerly known as America is divided into kingdoms ruled by royal elites.Born into the lowest Echelon of the Kingdom of Phangloria, sixteen-year-old Zea Calico faces a life of hunger, thirst, and toil. The only way out of this drudgery is revolution, and Zea is desperate to help the cause. When the palace calls for candidates to compete to marry Prince Kevon, Zea joins the Princess Trials to search the palace for weaknesses. The trials should be a fairytale of sumptuous meals, ballgowns, and romance, but one misplaced word causes Zea to attract the Prince's attention. When Zea uncovers the man beneath Prince Kevon's public facade, she is at risk of falling in love and losing sight of her mission. But the televised beauty pageant turns deadly, and Zea must fight for survival.Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and The Selection, this exciting tale of courage, intrigue, and betrayal will have you turning pages.


Reviewed: 2020-07-23

The best description for this book/series in 10 words or less:

"The Hunger Games meets The Selection." 


The concept of the novel/series is really interesting. It is basically a twist of The Selection and The Hunger Games. I thought the execution of this was done well enough.

The characters in the novel were an interesting mix and was a perfect mix of The Hunger Games and The Selection

Zea Calico reminds me more of a Katniss Everdeen as she is a rebel heart but her motivations are similar to America Singer. Zea is a bit on the naive side and is fueled by both anger and a desire for change.

Ryce Wintergreen reminds me very much of Gale Hawthorne. He's a born leader and encourages Zea to fight for what she believes in. He does come off to be a little manipulative, and I wish there was more characterization on him.

Prince Kevon doesn't remind me too much of the characters from The Hunger Games and The Selection. The closest association would be Prince Maxon simply because he seems to be taking this whole Princess Trials thing seriously as he tries to find his wife and future queen. I am looking forward to more of his characterization in the upcoming books.

This book felt a little bit difficult to stay focused on. It got lost mid-way through and struggled to get back into the story. Some of the plot was a little bit all over the place so it was sometimes hard to keep track of what is going on. The cliff hanger makes me want to keep reading on despite some of the struggles of staying with the book in the middle of it.


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