When I Feel Frustrated

Michael Gordon
Self-Regulation Skills Series 6 Life doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes we fail and feel frustrated. * Frustration itself is normal-and in fact necessary to learn and grow * Help children learn how to become more resilient *Help kids develop coping strategies to manage frustration and anger *Feeling upset is not a reason to give up It has a great message: "Love the illustrations in this children's book. I read this to my grandchildren (ages 3 5). " - Anne "A beautiful book an all ways. Great for preschoolers!" - Ashley Explains anger management & frustration: "Love this kids book! Read it to my 3 yo daughter a few times and she liked it a lot! " - Lizzie "A wonderful story about anger, frustration, and resilience. Both of my sons adored it! " - Kathryn And * Cute illustrations with a nice rhyming story * Not too long, grabs kid's attention GET IT NOW and get the ebook for FREE!! Add this amazing kids book to your cart and ENJOY!


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