What's the Worst That Could Happen? (Dortmunder Novels)

Donald E. Westlake
Dortmunder is in the midst of a routine burglary of a Long Island mansion when who shows up toting a gun but the owner, nasty billionaire Max Fairbanks. Worse, Fairbanks takes Dortmunder's supposedly lucky ring. Highly insulted, Dortmunder and his gang execute their own peculiar reign of terror, and although they acquire quite a bit of Fairbanks' swag, they never quite get the ring back. Which leads Dortmunder to wonder precisely what sort of luck the ring carries.


Reviewed: 2020-11-21

I guess this is the ninth novel within this series. I've never experienced anything by this author before and I had learned that you didn't need to know anything about the previous books to check this one out. So I did. The premise seemed like it would be comical and there were some good reviews already about this one. So I jumped in head first. What I received was nothing short of boring. I didn't like any of the characters. There weren't funny or interesting. The dialogue was not comical and it was as if the author was trying to hard to be funny and to make a situation funny by playing with crude comedy. The plot point was a seemingly good idea from a distance but the execution was far from achieved. The pacing was too jumpy for me as it seemed as though the characters would be within one situation together and before that particular moment could be wrapped up they were quickly thrown into another one. It wasn't a smooth transition and I didn't find it appealing. I can't say that I enjoyed this one or that I was entertained. Because I didn't and I wasn't. So take this review for what it is. Some people might enjoy this story more than others. And for me, I am one of the others. It wasn't for me at all. 

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