Believe: A Horseman's Journey

Buck Brannaman, William Reynolds
In his best-selling The Faraway Horses, Buck Brannaman, extraordinary trainer and acknowledged inspiration for The Horse Whisperer, described how he found his calling and honed his art and craft. In the year since the book's publication and following its widespread acclaim, the universal application of Brannaman's approach to interpersonal relationships has struck a responsive chord in the equestrian community and with the public at large. Believe continues to chronicle the man's efforts as a catalyst and a mentor as we meet thirteen people with whom he has worked. Through their own words and through Brannaman's perceptive introductions to each essay, we experience first-hand the hope and confidence that he has instilled in these individuals and in their horses. Among them are: - Sherry, who learned to replace fear of the unknown with knowledge of reality; - Theresa, who, through teaching her horse to accept the saddle and bridle, acquired patience and a sense of timing; - Sissy, who credits her ability to cope with a life-threatening illness to Brannaman's inspiring words and deeds; - Nicole, who developed confidence and a sense of teamwork while her horse learned not to fear independence; - Diane, who discovered the value of releasing life's past traumas; - Shane, who saw horses forge a bond between himself and the son he thought he had lost forever.


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