A.K. best's advanced fly tying

John Gierach
“Just as no two musicians will perform the same composition in an identical manner, fly tyers will use different techniques for tying the same fly pattern," says A. K. Best. Indeed, interpretation through technique is at the heart of any art form, and the more capable the technique, the more effective the result. A. K. offers his interpretation of how to apply advanced techniques for tying a lifetime's worth of trout flies. Having taught fly-tying classes for over twenty years, A. K. explains clearly the complexities of the art, including: How to choose a hair stacker, make dubbing needles, and sharpen scissors. Why you may need a rotary vise, How to tie Organza Spinner Wings, Magic Midge Larvae, Winged Bronze Beetles, Floating Hare's Ear Nymphs, and more How to field dress flies to ensure a catch. Why the head is the most important part of a fly. Each fly and its associated techniques are illustrated step-by-step with large color photographs and clear instructions. A. K. BEST'S ADVANCED FLY TYING will be a treasured addition to any tyer's library, A. K. BEST has tied flies and fly fished for more than thirty-five years. His books on flies have become modern classics in fly-tying literature. His patterns have been featured in many national fly-fishing magazines including Fly Tyer. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and appears regularly in John Gierach's popular fishing adventures. Praise for A. K. Best "A. K's tying instructions come from long experience as a professional fly tyer (a job where time really is money) but that's not all of it. Plenty of people are very good at something, but few are so acutely aware of what they're doing, how they do it, and why, and almost none are able to explain it clearly. A. K. is among the best fly tyers I've ever seen, and he is the best instructor." - John Gierach "A. K. is one of the truly great fly tyers of our age. Because of his vast experience with trout, he has altered the way some favorite patterns are tied. Tie the flies the way he teaches in the book and use his advice for fishing them and you'll take more fish. That's a promise!" --Lefty Kreh "Few tyers are as outspoken and iconoclastic as A. K. Best. And few are right as often." -Ted Leeson


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