Anglers flies

Stephen J. Simpson and George G. McGavin
Identifying Anglers' Flies is an essential pocket guide for all game fishermen and women. A concise introduction outlines the logical steps to making the choice of fly effective and straightforward, explores the main insects of interest to anglers, and describes basic fly fishing techniques using dry and wet patterns. A fully illustrated directory features more than 110 imitative and non-imitative patterns, providing in each case details of the dressing and advice on how best to fish the artificial fly to behave like a real insect. At-a-glance symbols offer a simple reference and a concluding glossary unravels fishing and entomological jargon. From emerging mayflies and swarming midges to the March Brown Nymph and the CDC Spent, Identifying Anglers' Flies provides a solid base of information, eliminating much of the hit and miss of fly fishing. Stephen J. Simpson is Fellow of Jesus College and Reader in Entomology at Oxford University, and Curator of the Hope Entomological Collections at the University Museum. He not only has an international reputation for his research on insect behaviour and neurophysiology, but is also a keen fly fisherman. George C. McGavin, Lecturer in Zoology at Trinity College, Oxford and Assistant Curator of the Hope Entomological Collections, has a particular interest in environmental education for non-specialists and children and is author of several popular books on bugs and other insects.


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