Angling in New Zealand

Keith Draper
ANGLING in New Zealand It is 50 years since Zane Grey visited New Zealand and was so enchanted that he called it "theangler's El Dorado". Angler-author Keith Draper says he shudders when he reads the tourist blurbs that drag out that Zane Grey phrase again and again. But at the same time he believes with fervour that New Zealand is still an El Dorado - and he goes on to prove his claims with hard statistics. But these are only incidental to this book's purpose, which is to survey the angling resources of the country; to discuss angling equipment and techniques comprehensively but in terms the beginner can easily understand; and to debate angling problems. His topics include: beginning angling; fly-lines; nylon; a trout and its stomach, when and where trout take; dry-fly, wet-fly and nymph fishing, smelt fishing, bait-fishing, and spinning; salmon; and a dozen other related subjects.Keith Draper is a passionately dedicated fisherman who has for years been practising every legitimate method of taking fish from fresh water with rod and line. For all his life he has been observing trout-feeding habits and psychology, and their reactions in all seasons and in every kind of weather - to the temp tations offered by the most artful angler. He has an inexhaustible fund of angling yarns and experiences which sometimes under line the advice he offers, sometimes are sheer entertainment, and more often combine rare amusement with hard practical guidance. Rainbow, brown trout and salmon are all included. This book is the ideal foundation volume for any keen young angler's library of fishing books. More experienced practitioners will find its wit and wisdom irresistible. THE AUTHOR Keith Draper was born in Hastings in 1932 and grew up on the rivers of the Hawke's Bay plains, mainly fishing the Tukituki. His angling experiences now cover virtually the whole of New Zealand. A boyhood hobby of tying flies became a profession and he is now managing director of a Taupo-based wholesale manufacturing company which distributes hundreds of thousands of trout flies both in New Zealand and abroad, as well as rods, reels and other items of assorted fishing tackle and sporting goods. Keith Draper is president of the Taupo Fly Fishers' Club, a national executive member of the New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association, and a keen rod, rifle and gun sportsman. Between these activities he writes books, and his published titles now include: Mr Hundred Per Cent; Trout Flies_in New Zealand; Tie a Fly; Nymphs for All Seasons, Boy Fisherman; and Duckfever (lan Dee).


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