Clouser's flies

Rob Clouser
"ALWAYS AN EXPERIMENTER when conventional fly patterns are not working, Bob tweaks patterns, or even invents new ones, to fool fish. His Clouser Deep Minnow is undoubtedly the most popular fly pattern to be developed in the last several decades. Bob shares his solid experience to help you tie better flies and understand why you do or do not catch fish. This book is one of the most useful published in some time.” -Lefty Kreh Clouser's approach to fly design begins and ends onstream, with a lot of time spent in between at the workbench. Careful observation of the behaviors, habitats, and physical features of the foods fish eat is essential to developing a fly that looks and acts like the real thing. But the pattern must also pass rigorous standards of durability, ease of casting, and, most importantly, catching fish consistently before it can be called a winner. Including authoritative instructions for his famous original Deep Minnow, Clouser presents seventeen of his most successful patterns for baitfish, subsurface freshwater foods, and surface flies with detailed explanations and superb full-color photo- graphs to accompany every step. In sections devoted to materials and tying techniques, Clouser offers insight into his methods and provides a solid foundation for designing flies with confidence. Learn to tie original Clouser patterns with full-color photo sequences and step-by-step instruction straight from the expert: Clouser Hellgrammite The Original Clouser Deep Minnow Clouser Swimming Nymph Fur Strip Clouser Rattle Clouser Clouser Crippled Minnow Suspender Super Hair Deep Minnow EZ Popper Half and Half Floating Minnow Foxee Redd Minnow Bright Sides Minnow Purple Darter Clouser Drake Clouser Madtom Clouser Crayfish


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