Deceiving trout

John Morton and Brian Hussey
DECEIVING TROUT THE FLYTIER'S ART An International Guide History and diagrams of twenty-five internationally renowned fly patterns including: •Greenwell's Glory •Quill Gordon •Pye's Sedge •Coch y Bonddu •Muddler Minnow • Water Boatman •Sawyer's Pheasant Tail •Midge Pupa The art of deceiving trout has fascinated man for centuries. John Parsons has gathered his love of troutfishing, his fascination with the literature of the sport, and his writing and photography skills, into the making of this book on the 25 food-forms of trout and their imitation. Superb examples of these 25 flies have been prepared by John Morton and Brian Hussey, leading exponents in the art of flytying, illustrated with full-colour photographs and step-by-step diagrams on how to tie them. This book will appeal, not only to the flytying enthusiast, but to everyone who fishes for trout with a fly.


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