Fast-water nyphing tactics

John Tedesco
Fast-Water Nymphing Tactics Learn how to master a specific niche on the fly fishing world-how, why, when, and where to fish nymphs in fast water. Nymph fishing is in and of itself a specialized form of fly fishing. This book takes this one step further and teaches the reader how to effectively nymph fish in fast moving water. The technique is effective year around and consistently out produces other approaches. John's portrayal of water types, velocity changes, and where to find trout is well done, and will be especially beneficial for the novice. So many fly fishers with limited experience walk by fast water, pocket water, and speeding glides: water that is intimidating, yet holds a significant trout population. It is John's purpose to make the neophyte aware of these water types and to add to their enjoyment that is, catching fish. From the foreword by Joe Humphreys John Tedesco was born and raised in Pennsylvania and now has over thirty-five years of fly-fishing experience. His work has allowed him to live and fish throughout the United States and Canada. John currently resides in eastern Pennsylvania, a short distance from a wide variety of quality nymphing waters. www.PRUETTPUBLISHING.COM Cover Photograph by Cathy & Barry Beck Design & Composition by Dave Consulting 91780871 089335


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