Fish Out of Water

Ky Dickens
Coming out of the closet can be challenging and for Ky Dickens, her experience coming out to friends at Vanderbilt University led to the making of FISH OUT OF WATER, a spirited documentary that explores the seven Bible passages notoriously used to condemn homosexuality and justify marriage discrimination. This genre-bending, intellectually condensed, power-packed analysis of the homophobic religious arguments is a mixture of animation, LGBTQ community interviews and expert analysis from theologians across the country. With the help of a cartoon narrator, animated recollections of Bible passages and witty illustrations, FISH OUT OF WATER makes this polarizing subject accessible and non-threatening. Golden-Globe nominated composer Kaki King (Into the Wild) delivers an original score that flows effortlessly through the film's diverse elements. Covering over twenty states and capturing the gay community's devastation immediately after the 2008 vote on Proposition 8, FISH OUT OF WATER presents the hyper-relevance of this old issue with concern and creativity.


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