Motocrossed [VHS]

Steve Boyum
The wild world of motocross racing takes an unexpected turn in this action-packed Disney Channel Original Movie. Fifteen-year-old Andrew Carson is gearing up for the championship race that could win him a corporate sponsorship. Certain he'll pull out a victory, his dad sinks the family finances into the race. Meanwhile, twin sister Andrea (Alana Austin, NO PLACE LIKE HOME), also a skilled rider, helps him train on the track, even though their dad would rather see her stick to cheerleading. When Andrew breaks his leg squaring off against Andrea, she blames herself and vows to set things right. That means disguising herself as a guy and entering the race ... as Andrew! But the course hides obstacles she isn't expecting -- like falling for a fellow competitor and learning her dad has discovered the truth! Also starring Scott Terra (TV's 7TH HEAVEN) and Mary-Margaret Humes (TV's DAWSON'S CREEK), MOTOCROSSED drives you all the way to an edge-of-your-seat finish.


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