American Indians: Life, Myth, & Art

American Indians: The First Nations is a richly illustrated introduction to the life, myth, and art of the indigenous peoples of the USA and Canada-who despite their many differences have in common a profound appreciation of life, death, and the cosmos, and the interconnectedness of all things material and spiritual. • Introduces the Native American peoples in all their variety-from the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic to the Pueblo Indians of the southwestern desert • Explores key themes such as the sacred landscape, medicine wheels, totems, the Ghost Dance, and the sacred pipe-as well as heroes and tricksters such as Thunderbird, Raven, Turtle, and Coyote • Presents, with fascinating commentary, the broad repertoire of Native American sacred symbols, motifs, and patterns • Sets the artistry of the Native North Americans against the background of their mythology, lore, wisdom, warfare, and spirituality • Captures the highlights of this rich and varied heritage in specially commissioned artworks as well as more than 80 magnificent photographs


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