Area 51 (Volume 1)

Bob Mayer
Book 1 in the Area 51 series Since before the dawning of modern man, an alien mothership and nine abandoned flying saucers have been hidden away in Area 51, a top-secret military base in the Nevada desert. There, scientists have studied the crafts, hoping to unlock the secrets of the alien technology and, perhaps, the origins of life on Earth. But now a deranged general wants to activate the mothership’s interstellar drive—and the consequences could prove catastrophic for humankind. Dr. Hans Von Seeckt—an elderly scientist, ex-Nazi, and original member of the Area 51 research team—joins up with the president’s science adviser, Dr. Lisa Duncan, and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte to put a stop to the planned test flight and tell the public the truth about Area 51. Meanwhile, a brilliant archaeologist, Professor Nabinger, discovers a message on runes found in ancient Egypt that could change everything we think we know about human evolution and the role that alien visitation may have played in it. From the Inside Flap When nine atmospheric crafts of unknown origin were discovered in the Antarctic in the late 1940s, the U.S. government established Area 51 to study the abandoned technology. Dr. Hans Von Seeckt, who is the only original member of the secret research committee, has observed the marvelous craft in flight and witnessed a fantastic array of bizarre, unexplained phenomena. But Dr. Van Seeckt fears that the technology of the mothership is beyond our scope and an explosive threat to the entire planet. He must race against time to unlock the secret of the ship--and to the origins of mankind itself.


Reviewed: 2015-11-27

A great blend of Ancient Alien theories into one exciting science fiction storyline. The story covers nearly every conspiracy theory about Area 51 that I think I have ever heard, and blends in Ancient Alien theories, Ancient Mythologies from around the globe, and some how the author manages to do it without weighing down the story or asking for to much suspension of belief. 

I can't say any of the theories are overly new to anyone that has read or watched Chariots of the Gods, Ancient Aliens, or X-files for that matter, but Mayer blends them together in a very enjoyable way. The story is brisk paced with the explanations tied into the action sequences to keep the story from getting bogged down. The climax was well designed to answer the origin story, and I can't wait to read through the next 8 books in the series. 

I would recommend the story to any fans of the stories I already mentioned, relatable to Stephen Coonts's Saucer Series,  all of the Stargate series, and anyone that loves a good government coverup revealed. 

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