Unwritten rules of friendship: simple strategies to help your child make friends, The

ELMAN, Natalie Madorsky and KENNEDY-MOORE, Eileen
“Nobody likes me” is a complaint that parents hear all too often, and few utterances make them feel more helpless. What can a parent do for a child who feels isolated, rejected, or out of sync with his or her peers? This practical and compassionate handbook, draws on the authors’ experience working with thousands of children to offer you as a parent (or teacher or caregiver) tools you can use – including practical activities, games and exercises – to identify a child’s social strengths and difficulties and to sharpen any child’s social skills. Nearly every child has trouble with social relationships in some way, at some time. Some children feel awkward in groups. Some have trouble resolving arguments. Some stick out in such a way that they become natural targets for bullies. And some seem virtually incapable of making friends. No matter what your child’s situation – whether he or she is a born leader or a constant complainer, a wallflower or an unwitting aggressor, a poor sport or a perfectionist – you’ll recognise your child’s struggles in the case studies in this book. You’ll discover why certain children don’t ‘get’ particular social conventions, and you’ll learn simple strategies for increasing your child’s awareness of the unspoken underpinnings of social interactions – knowledge that is essential to building, sustaining and repairing relationships.


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