Ascd Yearbook 1999: Preparing Our Schools for the 21st Century

As most of the world anticipates a milestone in human history, educators face a future characterized by unparalleled promise and unparalleled responsibilities. How should schools respond to the dramatically changing needs of the workplace? What can they do to reinforce the values of and enhance participation in a democratic society? What will it take to successfully educate an increasingly diverse population? "Preparing Our Schools for the 21st Century," the 1999 ASCD Yearbook, looks ahead to the new century--the new millennium--and provides multiple perspectives on these and other questions. The authors--practitioners, researchers, and policymakers--offer both practical suggestions and reflective observations based on their wide-ranging experience. They address such topics as education and the economy, citizenship education, characteristics of the "new professionalism" and the "new school," diversity and human development, the role of standards, effective use of fiscal resources, strategies for developing school systems characterized by continuous improvement, and the teacher's role in educational reform. Seizing upon the unique nature of this moment in time, the Yearbook also presents an array of suggestions for celebrating the millennium in meaningful ways that will stimulate both student learning and teacher professional development. This is a guidebook for the future of education. Its readers will gain insights on the challenges that lie ahead--and inspiration to make the most of an opportunity that comes just once every thousand years.


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