Calculus: Early Transcendentals

James Stewart
This edition of James Stewart's best-selling calculus book has been revised with the consistent dedication to excellence that has characterized all his books. Stewart's Calculus is successful throughout the world because he explains the material in a way that makes sense to a wide variety of readers. His explanations make ideas come alive, and his problems challenge, to reveal the beauty of calculus. Stewart's examples stand out because they are not just models for problem solving or a means of demonstrating techniques--they also encourage readers to develp an analytic view of the subject. This edition includes new problems, examples, and projects. This version of Stewart's book introduced exponential and logarithmic functions in the first chapter and their limits and derivatives are found in Chapters 2 and 3.


Reviewed: 2018-01-05
One of the few books I actually love... it’s a 3 course sequence of calc one two and three, for only $10!!!! If that isn’t enough, it’s the clearest calc textbook I’ve read!!! If that isn’t enough, it has a huge selection of practice problems per section to supplement my course!!! If that isn’t enough, the index and vast content make it an actually useful reference!!! Probably one of the best books I own, and calc won’t ever be outdated or completely changed
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