Fisherman's Paradise

Orton Sutherland Hintz
To many fishermen in many lands, the word 'Taupo' means 'trout'. Every year thousands of rods fish the great lake and its lovely tributaries in the heart of the North Island of New Zea- land. They take from these waters annually about a quarter of a million fish - fighting fish of a quality that has to be experienced to be believed – of an average weight of about five pounds. For the envious angler at a costly distance, the next best thing to fishing at Taupo is to read about it and to share some of the ex- periences of an author who has been a regular Taupo fisherman for forty years. O. S. Hintz's first fishing book, Trout at Taupo, published in 1955, was hailed by a distinguished English reviewer as a minor classic. It has been selling steadily ever since. Fisherman's Paradise, a companion volume rather than a sequel, will delight not only the world-wide fraternity of fly fishermen, but also all those who cherish in our modern age a love of the outdoors. The Author ORTON SUTHERLAND HINTZ retired in 1970 from the editorship of the New Zealand Herald, one of the great daily newspapers of the Com- monwealth. During his working years he fished at Taupo whenever the opportunity offered. In his retirement he has chosen to live perma- nently in this fisherman's paradise, and to fish at leisure all the year round. As president of the Lake Taupo Angling Federation he is recognised as an authority on Taupo fishing, and he writes about it with the practised hand of the skilled journalist. For his services to journalism he was awarded the C.M.G. in the New Year Honours List of 1968.


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