Fishing nymphs wet flies & streamers

THE MAJORITY OF TROUT CAUGHT I ON FLIES FALL FOR PATTERNS PRESENTED BELOW THE WATER'S SURFACE. Fishing Nymphs, Wet Flies & Streamers - Subsurface Techniques for Trout in Streams teaches you time- tested, effective techniques for catching trout below the surface. The book begins by showing you how to recognize good trout areas within a stream. Next, you'll see what trout eat below the surface and which subsurface flies best imitate the real thing. Finally, you'll learn how to approach a trout lie and present the fly to the fish. And with fishing pressure on most trout streams increasing, this book shows you the proper method of releasing trout unharmed. By studying the information in this book you'll be on your way to becom- ing a complete fly fisherman.


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