Float tube fly fishing

Deke Meyer
Welcome to the world of float tubing. You will not only catch more fish, but more big fish. You can hook fish in waters that boaters can't reach and because a float tube is virtually noiseless, you can silently stalk feeding fish. Intimate, Ultimate Fishing Access Float Tube Fly Fishing, by Deke Meyer, is the ideal book for beginning and experienced float tubers. The new- comer will see why float tub- ing is so much fun and how simple it is. The author gives Denise Trowbridge with a rainbow from Barnes Butte pointers about shopping for a Lake, Oregon. Deke Meyer photo float tube, advice on fins and waders, and step-by-step instructions that show you how to launch your tube. Fly fishermen will benefit from chapters like "Reading A Trout Lake"- successful strategies for fishing any lake, "Big Trout"-how to catch bigger stillwater trout, and "Alpine Trout Tactics"-tales of a 1960 Rambler and back- pack float tubing. Join the author "Llama Trekking" with a float tube in Montana's Mission Mountains Wilderness. Largemouth bass-belly boating for bucketmouths with poppers, sliders, divers, and Eelworm Streamers; smallmouth bass-stalking smallmouth from your tube, and light tackle fun with bluegill are covered in separate chapters. "Neutral Density Bass Flies" presents the rationale and tying instructions for creating hover flies that mimic prey fish. The author writes, "Baitfish don't behave like most bass flies, fish don't float to the top or sink to the bottom, as flies do. The majority of the time baitfish are suspended, hovering close to structure."


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