Fly fishing for beginners

Keith Draper
Why use a shooting head? What is upstream nymphing? How do you double-haul? Where are the likely trout lies? The terminology, the tackle and the techniques of fly fishing are all unusual - but so are the delights of this increasingly popular branch of angling. This book is designed to cut through the complexity and explain the basics of fly fishing for the complete novice. Keith Draper discusses the tackle you need — rods, lines, flies — and then he tells you how to use them: casting and retrieving, choosing flies and tying knots. He describes the various habitats — from huge lakes to tiny streams - where you'll find fish, and advises on the best ways of catching them. In this handy, practical guide the author distils the experience of a lifetime spent fishing the trout-rich waters of New Zealand. Follow his advice and you'll soon be fishing with confidence - and results!


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